Because we care about our clients and staff health and safety, Manhattan Nails uses only safe, quality branded products at our salon, brands which you would recognise and trust in the beauty and nail care industry, such as OPI, IBD, NailTek, California Mango and Creative Nails Design.

You may purchase some of the home-care retail products such as nail polish, during one of your regular visits. If you require a specific product, we are more than happy to source them for you. Just let us know!

Below are some current products which are on sale at discounted prices and available in store only:


OPI Polish normally $19, now $15


NailTek II normally $28 now $15


OPI Drip Dry 9ml normally $23, now $18

OPI AVOPLEX Cuticle Oil normally $26 now $12
Nails Clipper normally $5, now $3 Shiny 4-way Buffer normally $5, now $3
Nail Polish Remover (250ml) normally $15,now $10

These nail care products and accessories are for sale in our nail and waxing salon only. Online order or delivery are not available.

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